Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Can you Help Us Grow Your Tenner This October?

Back To Books is a Not For Profit Community Organisation specialising in arts and wellbeing projects. We raise funds on a project by project basis and have completed many successful creative projects in Northamptonshire. We have been awarded grants for past projects by Awards For All, Northamptonshire Community Foundation and The People's Health Trust. We work with all ages and abilities and hope to build on our creative approaches to walking and wellbeing. We created a public Mosaic Trail for the Brampton Valley Way, artworks and mosaics for The Green Patch Community Allotments and have worked with many groups in rural or deprived areas. The chance to double the value of a £10 donation would be amazing and we would really value your support!

If you have worked with our lead artist Carole Miles or have been involved with projects by Back To Books and would like to help us raise funds for future projects please consider making a donation to us via the Local Giving Grow Your Tenner initiative commencing at 10am on Tuesday 18th October 2016. 

Grow Your Tenner - Key Facts

Start date and time: 10am on Tuesday 18th October 2016.
Please note that donations made before 10am will not be matched.
End date and time: 5pm on Thursday the 17th November 2016 or when the match fund runs out (whichever comes first). One-time donations made to a charity via Localgiving during the campaign will be matched pound-for-pound by up to £10. Donations will only be matched whilst match funding is available. Each supporter may claim up to £10 of match funding via one-time donations per charity they choose to support. Each charity may receive up to a maximum of £1,000 from one-time donations. Donations to the charity will be matched until the limit is hit, the match fund has run out or the campaign has closed.

Monday, 8 August 2016

Celebrating Our Senses - Walk 1 - Taste

Our walk location was Rushden, our mindfulness meditation focused on Taste and we adapted this One Raisin Meditation  to one Blackberry. For some it was the first time they had tasted a wild Blackberry. We walked into a wooded area, with a bumpy pathway which lead us to a place where we could forage for Blackberries on what may have been an old industrial site but one which has Mirabelle Plums, Damsons and Rosehips as well as Blackberries. Carolyn thought the blackberry bushes might have been part of market garden and is a well know and loved area for local foragers.


We had previously contacted Rushden Transport Museum to ask if we could visit with our group and weather permitting, eat our picnic on the platform. We were made so welcome, the weather was perfect and we were able to visit the Museum as well.

 The station platform was a perfect place for our picnic

Tasty croutons, dips, tomatoes

Carolyn's stuffed roasted vegetable loaf 
adapted from a Paul Hollywood recipe

We also sampled some of our foraged blackberries with yoghurt and granola, sat in the sun, got to know each other and made a start on our Walk Journals

After exploring the Museum

and the Station

we walked back to our cars whilst sharing impressions of the day.

Walk distance 1 mile.

The was first in a series of Mindfulness and Wellbeing "Celebrating Our Senses" walks made possible with a Grant awarded from Margaret Giffen Community Fund and Northamptonshire Community Foundation and with support from NStep.

Here are some links to tasty recipes you might like to try.

Friday, 29 July 2016

The View From Here - Celebrating Our Time Together

Everything changes and life is punctuated by beginnings and endings

We have had a wonderful two years working on the Grange Estate and at The Green Patch

The View From Here was funded by the HealthBelief which is a Community Interest Company committed to raising money to address health inequalities in Leicestershire and Northamptonshire. 

51 Community Interest Companies raising money to address health inequalities across England, Scotland and Wales through The Health Lottery.

Through this funding we have been able to bring high quality arts / crafts workshops to members of the community in a deprived area of Kettering, We have strengthened our links with The Green Patch and have made public artworks that have brought life, colour and joy to this wonderful community growing space. 

Everyone felt proud and happy to see what they had achieved

We had a fantastic celebratory picnic and we know that project participants from the Grange have made a great connection with staff and volunteers at The Green Patch. Rick, Jenny, Michelle, Bekka and all the children will be visiting, volunteering and taking in community events at The Green Patch in the future which feels like a lovely legacy to leave, apart from all the artwork! 

Back To Books would like to thank Sue, Nigel, Kate, Becky, Lucy from the Groundworks team who have made us so welcome at The Green Patch, Rik and Jen who have been our stalwarts at Grange Place, Michelle who has been our Pied Piper bringing our participants from Kettering Buccleuch Academy, but most of all we would like to thank our artists Carole Miles and Phiona Richards who have made this project so special.

Although our funding comes to an end in mid 
August the relationships we have forged will continue 
and we will be actively looking for funding 
to continue delivering exciting community based projects. 

If you like our work you can make a donation 
towards future projects via our Local Giving Page

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Spinning New Dreams

Join The Eloquent Fold, artists Carole Miles and Phiona Richards on a walk through woodland in East Carlton Park. 

Find the magic of this place as you weave your way through leaves and branches, touched by the light shining through the leaf canopies as Carole & Phiona draw you to looking at the shapes between and the textures, helping you to collect ideas and find inspiration for the print and thread workshop on the 11th September. 

Please note, participants are encouraged to attend both sessions on Sunday 4 Book Tickets here for the walk and Sunday 11 September Book Tickets here for the creative workshop.

Monday, 4 July 2016

Kettfest at The Green Patch

The Green Patch was resplendent with some of the
many things we have been creating in time for Kettfest.

Our marvellous Mum and right hand woman
Michelle with her fabulous afternoon tea 
inspired crochet creations!

Our mosaics all out catching the light

Our fruit and flower prints on display

and our fish flags

adding colour and movement

everyone was so pleased, proud and delighted

with all the beauty our project

has created and shared

Sue, Nigel and cake!

Merle and her husband

and the community gathering in the afternoon sun

Carole's temporary installation 

Monday, 27 June 2016

Fresh Prints, Fabulous Fruit

We have been inspired by summer's

fruits and flowers

and have been printing our responses 
with artist Carole Miles

These prints will also be on display at 

The Green Patch

During Kettfest